Local Volunteer

Making the difference

If you have mountains of enthusiasm and energy or even just a little; if you have particular skills or if you simply have spare time to share, then you would be very welcome at the farm.

We need so many skills to make the Shallowford Farm experience happen.  We are blessed with a great network of friends and supporters who rally round to help but we always need more!

Widecombe Fair

The second Tuesday in September is always a huge day where we serve home made fresh sandwiches, cakes and cream teas to hundreds of hungry visitors. We always need help!

Ways to volunteer

  • Join one of our many groups of local volunteers who come regularly to help, some once a week, others maybe at dedicated times during a month.
  • Every quarter we organise a Work Party for skilled individuals who are willing to give up a weekend and work their way through a list of jobs.   We have a specific volunteer who organises this for which we provide food, accommodation if needed and a long list of jobs!

Contact Us

If you are interested in volunteering please call to discuss the current needs at the farm and how you can help.

Please be aware that a DBS safeguarding check may be necessary.

“It made me wish I was a child over again and had been given the opportunity to be taken care of by people as kind and understanding and enthusiastic towards them as you were in that first hour of their arrival. I am sure each one of them has been made to feel special and safe in this, their first visit to the farm. What you have provided cannot be measured in money.”