We are Committed to Bring Young People to Shallowford

It is forty years this Autumn 2015 that Elizabeth Braund and Rosemary Bird first came to Dartmoor to pilot their project, in the first instance at Bag Park Manor, with the kind assistance of Patrick Coaker.

It will be forty years in autumn 2016, that they first came and settled at East Shallowford, bringing groups of young people, school groups, and needy individuals onto the moor.

For many years groups of young people and families have been going to this Shallowford Farm from small groups of two or three to annual groups of seventy, as well as regular minibus loads.

Visiting children do come with difficulties and noise, and have done so over the years, but there is a belief that we at  have and will continue to manage that well. The benefit that this experience brings to young people is incalculable and we at East Shallowford are committed to continue in the long term.


See full letter from Robert Musgrave

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