A New Warden at Shallowford

I’m sitting at my desk fully intending to write an amusing and informative article –  but it’s far too easy to ‘lift my eyes to the quiet hills’ and watch the clouds scudding through a blue sky. The birds are twittering and the cockerel (Christopher Columbus) has an attempt at crowing every now and then, but otherwise there is silence.

My name is Alethe Virgin and I have the huge privilege of being resident Warden at East Shallowford. I moved in on March 25th. and the ‘stuff’ I brought with me from my previous home in Dawlish is almost all unpacked and put away. As with any move there are things I cannot find – though I know I packed them and I know they got put on the removal van. Mostly I reckon that if I can’t find things I probably don’t need them very much. I’d really like to unearth my bodhran (Irish drum). I have the beater …

I’ve been coming out to the farm for a number of years now as a volunteer, mostly as commis chef helping Serena with cooking. Having grown up in this part of Devon I’ve always just accepted the Moor as my playground – going for a walk in the wide-open spaces was what we did as a family at the weekends. It took a tearful Mum from Battersea to help me see my Devon through fresh eyes. I knew then that I needed to share with others what I had always taken for granted. So supporting East Shallowford took over my life. Being guardian of the farm is both privilege and huge responsibility in ensuring that all is kept secure for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

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