The Campers Came to Stay

A big group of young people and adults came to the farm to enjoy a holiday away from the city. It was a very happy time with dry weather, good food and excellent company.

We were blessed with 23 different volunteers coming to help to make this event happen. They put up tents, washed up, played games, made cards, scrubbed the barn and cleaned toilets. Impossible without them so thank you to them all.

The feedback was wonderful. The children had a ball, the parents were able to chill and everyone benefitted in ways that we hadn’t even imagined:

“My son and I have never been to the countryside before – it’s amazing and we have learnt such a lot”

“I have not slept so much for years – it has made huge difference to my whole digestive system”!

“I just had 4 days of the best natural anti-depressants there is, not a tablet in sight but the most calm I can be.”

“It’s amazing, thank you for all your amazing hard work, Thank you all”

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