Poetry from the Forest

We ran along the crunchy, squidgy paths
Slithering and slipping on the bumpy damp soil.
The golden sunshine shimmered through the emerald leaves
As the stream gurgled by.

Zafari, Sachelle, Dillon, and Serena


Spider in his web, waiting in the sunlight
Birds in the trees and water glistening.
Spider climbing, slowly
White and looking dangerous
Trees – tall and spiky
Feeling rough, smelling damp and sweet.
Smells of the forest,
Badger muck, strong and dark.
Water – see through, rippling, wriggling,
Like a dripping tap.
Island of rocks and pebbles
Ivy hanging to the water
Happy in the forest
Surprised by wonder

Keanu, Frankie and Robert


River gurgling, swirling, rippling to the sea
Ground – rough, squelching, crunching,
Bumpy under my feet.
Trees – mossy, damp,
Leaves, soft like skin.
Light dappled sunlight on the bark.
It is good to be here.

Alexis, Shane, and Susan

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