Productive Piglets Prove to be Quite a Challenge!

BigletsThe 10 large piglets (biglets!) from last November are growing well and provide huge amounts of entertainment as the groups try to coax them into the weighing crate. Lots of team work and communication required. 2017 has started well with two of the 4 breeding sows producing 14 piglets between them. They are a great hit with the young people.

The sows are so well behaved and use to people that they are happy just to much on their feed whilst we all enjoy the delights of little, warm, wriggling piglets. What do you call a pile of piglets huddled together under the heat lamp? A squirm?! One of the last piglets was born very small and very floppy. He needed much coaching to take a deep breath. It wasn’t quite “mouth to mouth” but certainly needed a good blow to get him going.  We lovingly called him Lazarus!!!

Piglets at Shallowford

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