“So You Want To Be A Farmer?”

Local school groups from Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 have really enjoyed visiting Shallowford and Broadaford farms.  During their day they were involved in feeding the young piglets, herding the ducks and geese, following trails, learning about lambing and of course cuddling the tame lambs. They all joined in enthusiastically, learnt SO much and went away with a smile. “An awesome day”, “Beyond our expectations”, “I have been happier today than I have been for a long time”. Job Done.

The groups ranged in ages from 4 – 16. They all had lunch around the fire – some in the house and some in the woods. Keeping everyone safe – inside and out – is always a challenge but:

“Every consideration had been taken to make sure the children were safe at all times without detracting from the experience. The provision of waterproofs, gloves, washing facilities etc were spot on. It was important for the children to learn that good hygiene is essential in farming for the safety of the animals as well as the people.” – KS1 teacher

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