Testing Team Time

It is hard – to work as a team – especially when you are young, enthusiastic and determined!

The boys came ready for a challenge and boy did they get one, quite a few in fact! The team games set the tone for the week, pitting one group against the other the enthusiasm was high, but as the challenges increased the stress levels did too!!!!IMG_6124

Then there was the mountain biking and caving. A huge challenge especially when they had to face “The Sump” and down they went, underwater, to the next cave – in the dark. Well done to you all.

Spending time in the woods, making a shelter and cooking lunch (pizza) outdoors was not easy but we all ate and ate well.IMG_6164

Paul asked them to help him clear out the silage pit ready for this years grass. For a few that was a challenge too far, but someone had to do it. With a concerted effort it was completed and Paul was pleased, grateful for the help the lads had provided.

They left with such reflections as:

“A good experience, eating different foods and going places we have never been”

“We was always busy and I learnt that chickens eat grain and all cows are female”

“I found out how to make a fire”

“Its different from London – open spaces, calming, less people, more wildlife – man everything was different”.

They all wanted to come again – result!

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