“Try Something New” – A Summer at the Farm for Families from Battersea

One of the “Values” that we ask the young people to engage with whilst at the farm is to “Try Something New”. Well what a great time 6 young families had.

Sleeping in a tent – The tents were up and ready when they arrived thanks to many volunteers

Eating different home cooked food – the food all prepared by a team of helpers under Serena’s expertise

“I’ve never done that before” – feeding and caring for the animals, visiting the beach, swimming in the sea, catching crabs, walking under the stars, weighing the piglets, bringing in and inspecting the sheep, making a whole raft of different crafts, exploring the moors, … a whole bag full of “Firsts”

“I cannot thank you enough for the provision, care, love and encouragement you gave on our trip to the family camp”

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