What Wonderful Wet Women

The age range was huge ( 27 – 78) and the backgrounds varied, yet they all came from Battersea to the farm with a common goal – to immerse themselves in the beauty of Dartmoor – and it rained!!!!!DSC_0165

It didn’t matter. We wrapped ourselves in waterproofs and wellies and went out and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We jumped in puddles; explored the river, stones and driftwood; lay amongst the bracken; watched the dog swimming for sticks and got soaking wet!


Having dried off and fed well went spent time potting plants, making candles from clay and reed stems, painting our reflections from the morning.


Stanley the lamb featured regularly throughout each day, pleading starvation and bleating to be fed despite his generous girth! He even climbed into the van to satisfy his hunger – or is it greed!!!!20150503_084623



All through the weekend we considered the book of Ruth and how our lives link to hers, how God provided over and above her wildest dreams.20150503_130037

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