Work Party in May 2017

“Make sure there is plenty for them to do,” said Robert ahead of their visit. So a huge list was created – not so difficult as there is always lots to get on with around the farm.

The team arrived – a select four of them, Antony who has been so many times before and now awaits a positive outcome from a full time job application, John who was thrilled to be back after too many years away, Holly who needed a break from a full-time job and studying for a law degree, and Phil, the never-ending source of ideas and skill. Then, of course, there is Robert!

Despite the long list by Friday evening, a huge chunk had already been crossed off! They cleared out the Pound – an ancient medieval gathering space for animals near the main gate which is soon to be restored – they gathered loads of scrap metal from around the place and filled the skip – they tended the animals – mended fences and built a stile.

Phil took the lead whilst the trustees meeting occurred in the house. The downpours didn’t dampen their spirits and their energy, smiles and enthusiasm was well rewarded by Serena’s cooking.

As always hey are such a blessing to us. Thank you.

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