Young Vets in training?

The younger members of the Providence House Youth club joined us at the beginning of lambing. It was busy – the ewes made sure their lambs were born in the dry warm days and just in case the weather changed they took full advantage early on.  There were lambs everywhere and the lambing team were full stretched to keep up with them. Our team of youngsters helped out by moving the silage for the expectant ewes, feeding and watering those already penned up with their little lambs and then walking those a few days old out into the fields “That was the best bit – having to pick up the lambs that didn’t know which way to go”!

Will also taught the youngsters all about the care and treatment of the ewes and lambs directly after birth. They learnt all about numbering, tagging, antiseptic iodine, checking eyes and milk and of course those dreaded rubber bands!!!

Do read the report that the leaders have sent to understand the impact that this visit has had on the young people

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