…for I want to go to Widecombe Fair…

Well, it’s happening again on Tuesday 12th September and as always Shallowford will be running the café in the Church House. So this is your chance to come to the fair, get involved with what the Trust are doing there and see what else is going on. This is a major fundraising event for us but it only works when lots of people join in.

“I love it”

“Wouldn’t miss for the world”

“It is such good fun”.

Catering. You won’t believe the preparation!! Serena has cakes coming out of her – kitchen – and always appreciates company, help and banter.

Transformation Monday 11th is a very busy day turning the Church Room into a café. There are lots of practical tasks to be done and it is true that “Many Hands Make Light Work”. Please let us know if you can come along and help out

Fair Day -Tuesday 12th we start early and keep going all day. It works a treat if we have a team of folks who are willing to do a few hours here and there, taking the strain off those who stick at it all day.

Clear up – on late Tuesday and Wednesdayalways the tricky one but fresh hands and feet are SO welcome.

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