Harvest at the Farm

We were joined by a wonderful group from Providence House, many of whom had not visited the farm before. They worked hard with Paul herding in the new flock of sheep, worming them and sending them out again. The team were very hands on and enjoyed working closely with the sheep. The afternoon was spent in the woods experiencing the sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes that the woodland has to share. There were some real surprises from the smell of Badger poo to the taste of Wood Sorrel. Finding their way whilst blindfolded made their sense of hearing and touch work overtime and contributed to some wonderful poems written at the end of the day.

The harvesting of blackberries, potatoes and peas was a real education and added to the delight of a scrumptious meal at the end of the day.
That night the sky was clear and the moon was enormous. The group could not believe it that they were able to climb the mountain (Rowden Rocks) in the dark without a torch. Laying in the fields just watching the stars was a true delight and something that we will all remember for a long time to come.
Sunday at Dunstone Chapel meant that we could share all these delights of God’s Creation with all those gathered to celebrate the harvest.

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