Christmas challenge, choice and change

Group from Providence house standing behind thier "Jamaican" Christmas TreeA group of 8 Londoners, bearing gifts, followed the A303 to Dartmoor and found – a stable – but the pigs had not yet farrowed!!! They stopped at the Widecombe church to decorate a tree for the Christmas Tree Festival – theirs was the Jamaican Tree. It didn’t win but the huge sun and sunglasses made everyone smile!

Some of the older members of the community having Christmas lunch at the farmThey decorated the farm house, prepared food and welcomed a group of older members of the community to a full Christmas lunch. Young and old alike feasted together, shared stories and seasonal fellowship.

There was time for a few excursions onto the moor. An amazing night walk revealed to us the beams of light from the Start Point lighthouse, about 30 miles away, reflected on the low cloud and during the day we soaked up the sunny weather on Corndon Tor, such beauty.

The carol service at Dunstone Chapel was very special. The group decorated the space before hand, read the lessons, sang a carol and served the teas. Using the characters of Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds and Wise men, Rev. Catherine Wagstaff spoke about the challenges they faced, the choices they had to make and changes that happened in their lives as a result. We too are challenged by the gospel, have a choice to make and could be changed forever.

May God bless you all in 2015




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