Out of the Old and Worn, Something of Great Beauty and Value

Recently we sent an old worn piece of Elizabeth’s furniture to Gilboys in Staverton to get an estimate for restoring it. We had been storing it in “the old caravan” so imagine what a surprise they had when they found a secret drawer, hidden behind another small drawer and in it was a diamond and emerald brooch! We were amazed and very thankful to them! We now need to assess its value and make sure that we get the best price for it.


Some have suggested that this is a great message for us during this time of change at the farm, that out of something old and tatty – the bureau/the farm – He will bring something so amazing – the broach/the future – that it is almost unbelievable! For the moment God has provided this completely unexpected gift to help us continue to bring more groups to the farm, to experience, enjoy and learn about the farm, themselves and the wide open spaces that we are privileged to call home. Wonderful!

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