The Shepherds from Providence House

The lambing season began just in time for the junior group to enjoy looking after them. They regularly checked the sheep in the lambing shed and then with Will’s tuition tended to the newborns and their mums. They helped out at Broadaford Farm with their huge flock, filling water buckets, feeding silage, checking the expectant ewes and moving the new families out to the fields. So many special moments – check out the website for more photos.


Later in their week James joined us. He led the walk from the farm “over the mountain” to Dartmeet in the search of Robert. The threatened rain held off, the group walked really well taking it in turns to read the map, plan the route, look for features and lead the way. There was huge fun splashing in puddles and running through the water but the walking in wet wellies was not so enjoyable – a lesson in choices and consequences! We found Robert – snoozing on a seat near the river!!!!
The four new visitors to the farm had thoroughly enjoyed their time and are eager to return. Highlight of the week? Puddles!!!!!! The joys of simple play, even at the age of 16!!!

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