Vison Day – “Wonder & Awe”; “Grounded , Creative, Healing”

“Big Space-Small Place” – “Home – Identity – Belonging”
“In-Spiration” – “Travelling Hopefully”

It’s not only for the visiting groups of young people and families that East Shallowford is a special place. These are some of the words from Shallowford Trustees, who gathered together on Saturday 13th June around the ancient and well-loved hearth to explore:
Where have we come from? Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How will we get there?
Joined by the Shallowford staff team, and led for the day by Professor John Wibberley, we shared and debated, looked back and looked forward, and came away affirmed and confirmed in our given task to build on East Shallowford’s special past and heritage, and continue to develop this great project to grow into the future.


As Trustees we endorsed core principles:

  • That East Shallowford is a small,
    traditional farm enabling visiting groups to engage with the life of the farm in every season;
  • That Shallowford is a home, welcome to all, a place where visitors may be able to find themselves, a Christian home;
  • That East Shallowford is a place of learning and discovery, of engagement with the natural world, of learning new skills and values;
  • That Shallowford is a special space, in particular for urban groups, but indeed for all who come, to connect with the natural world, as Elizabeth Braund said, “A Lung for the City”
  • That Shallowford in its unique setting is a mirror of God’s creation, a signpost of his creation.

As Trustees and Staff Team we committed ourselves:

  1. to developing accommodation suited to our vision and purpose;
  2. to establishing a workable and sustainable business model to ensure the continuance and development of the project;
  3. to securing practical and lasting arrangements to run the farm on traditional lines;
  4. to keep alive the Shallowford vision.

Trustees are always available to talk, so please email a question to and one of our excellent team of Trustees will be pleased to reply.
Robert Musgrave MBE etc Chairman

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